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tl;dr @ thread

My belief is that there is no musical truth. More than any other thing that people might enjoy, it comes down to taste. People who like a billion kinds of music can agree that certain movies, TV shows, books, etc. are great, but you will never convince me that metal isn't the greatest music genre of all time. Why? Because I love listening to metal more than anything else. I sat in a car on a trip to St. Louis for about nine hours round trip and about six or seven songs came on that I liked that entire time, and there was music constantly playing. The other four people in the car sang along to every goddamn song that I hated/had never heard. However, when "The Number of the Beast", "Thick As a Brick", "Roundabout", "The Spirit of Radio", and "Tom Sawyer" came on, I was singing all alone. That has to be evidence that there is no supreme musical truth.

Oh, my other musical truth is that Lamb of God fucking sucks.
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