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Originally Posted by ricky4502 View Post
eh think of it this way, it's not nearly as bad as all these talentless pop artists charging 100's. i mean i know most metal bands play in smaller venues but it didn't even cost me that much to see maiden at the verizon amphitheater 2 years ago and its still not that much to see them this year either. and i agree with andrew... only 4 shows for a n american tour? only 2 of which are even in the US?
yeah that's true but for the most part it's in an arena and ANY arena show is usually expensive. not 100's but usually like 40's or 50's. i mean when Emperor played the Key Club a few years ago they charged $50. i mean the Key Club is cool and all but isn't the nicest venue, and doesn't it hold like a few hundred? paying $50 to see a black metal band play in a small club doesn't seem worth it to me unless you like the band a lot.
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