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let's see how many flame wars i start.

- i realized pretty much all death metal bands bore me. sure they slay live (Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Suffocation) but after trying so many times i can't get into the studio work. it bores me quickly and makes me want to change it. weird thing is that sometimes deathcore bands appeal to me more than actual death metal bands.

- metalheads need to realize that everyone has different music tastes. not everyone is has the same musical tastes. for example I would rather listen to Korn than Iron Maiden. Maiden are gods and are very talented, but Korn appeals to me a lot more, probably for them being my favorite band for 10 years and my gateway to metal. i would also rather listen to Suicide Silence than Cannibal Corpse. i know CC are death metal gods and are very talented, and that SS isn't creative at all, but i find SS more fun to listen to.

- my musical tastes expand as time goes by. for example i used to be able to not stand any extreme metal but now i love a lot of extreme metal bands. but for the most part it's either the band interests me or not. because even though i like a lot of extreme metal there's a lot of extreme metal bands that can't hold my attention for a minute. maybe in a year or so i'll be able to listen to death metal without it boring me.

- i also realized that even if a band is extremely talented, the band may still bore me. what catches my attention is a hook for the most part, or a memorable riff. for example i can't listen to death metal without it boring me. Necrophagist fucking shreds and are very talented, but their music bores me after a bit. Decrepit Birth on the other hand shreds and their riffs are very memorable IMO.

- i also realized i really don't like listening to metal when i'm at a party or any type of drinking situatiion with friends, unless i'm drinking with only guys who also like metal. if you play metal at a party or drinking sitatuion it sets an akward vibe because not everyone likes it. i would much rather listen to Lady Gaga or LFMAO than any metal band at a party or kickback.
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