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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
$62? what's with the overpricing? they did that last time they played here. Emperor also charged $50 when they played here a few years ago and that was at the Key Club which is a pretty small venue. was this show even packed? because the Avalon is a pretty big venue and i have no idea if that many people are willing to pay $50+ to see them.
eh think of it this way, it's not nearly as bad as all these talentless pop artists charging 100's. i mean i know most metal bands play in smaller venues but it didn't even cost me that much to see maiden at the verizon amphitheater 2 years ago and its still not that much to see them this year either. and i agree with andrew... only 4 shows for a n american tour? only 2 of which are even in the US?
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