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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Quit flashing!
I thought we discussed this before and you were all about the flashing?

Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Was last night your first time seeing God Dethroned? I've seen them twice so far and they were awesome.
It was. I went with a friend who has seen them a few times, (one being a performance for a grand total of a dozen people) and he said their performance wasn't nearly what he was used to for GD. Everyone is entitled to a bad night, but when you really really look forward to something and it falls so far below what you expect, it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. Their sound was good, but cardboard cutouts of the band members would have been more entertaining and looked happier to be there.

Now that I'm more awake, I want to really compliment Overkill for their ability to connect with and care about the audience. Seriously - I was impressed!!! (extra exclamation points for emphasis). They screamed at us, they made us scream at them, they ran around like maniacs, etc etc.

When someone went down in the pit hard and didn't get back up, Dave Linsk noticed immediately and, though mid song, kept an eye on the dude the whole time. The mosher turned out to be fine and the show went on as planned, but the sheer fact that any band member was paying that much attention to his fans amidst that level of chaos really impressed me. I'm a sucker like that
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