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Kataklysm -- Farmingdale, NY -- April 2nd, 2010

For me, Kataklysm is a great live band. Prevail was a cool album, but I'm not going ape shit waiting for the next one. I have enjoyed seeing them both times that I have, and if the time comes where I'll need to see them again, I'll be there whenever they're here. Anyway, here's a setlist:

Like Angels Weeping
Embassadors of Pain
It Turns to Rust
The Chains of Power
Centuries (Beneath the Dark Waters)
The Resurrected
Let Them Burn
As I Slither
Crippled and Broken
Bound in Chains
Shadows and Dust

Also, most of the opening bands were pretty great. Death Becomes Her is pretty generic Long Island thugcore, but definitely check out Carcinogen and Facing the Sun. And, if you haven't heard them by now, Lazarus AD are a pretty crazy modern thrash band. Their guitar player knows how to fucking shred. That's all for now.
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