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Overkill -- Worcester, MA -- April 2nd, 2010

Infected Nation
We Who Are About to Die
Bathe in Blood
Enter the Grave

Warbringer (missing a song or two / may be out of order):
Living In A Whirlwind
Severed Reality
Total War
Prey For Death
Scorched Earth
... another song... damnit, I can't read my writing

God Dethroned:
Soul Sweeper
Under a Darkening Sky
No Man's Land
Poison Fog
Boiling Blood
Villa Vampiria

This is War/Lead Us
Rise of the Undead
Never Say My Name
The Crucified Ones

The Green and Black
Rotten to the Core
Wrecking Crew
The Battle
Hello From the Gutter
Feel the Fire
Bare Bones
Gasoline Dream
Bring Me the Night
Old School
Fuck You/Sonic Reducer

Mini Reviews:
Woe of Tyrants - I'd heard from other sources that they were terrible, and they turned out to be not too bad after all. They were a good enough opener.
Evile - I just saw them 3 or 4 weeks ago for the Kreator tour, and they didn't change a thing. They still put on a decent show.
Warbringer - Hey lookie! It's the same group of songs AGAIN. Still, they're always fun.
God Dethroned - The disappointment of the night . I love GD, but they couldn't have cared any less about their performance. They acted like they just wanted it over with. I won't be going out of my way to see them again .
Vader - Longer set than I thought they were going to play and an absolute blast to see live.
Overkill - Above and beyond impressive. Brutal, fast and amazing. Experts at connecting with their audience. They were really in a class of their own as compared to the rest of the tour.

Random thought of the night:
I hope no one here has epilepsy *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH*
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.
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