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Originally Posted by EntwinedInMisery View Post
I mean it's 20 years since the band has been in existence and i thought for sure they were going to finallly finally play BLACK ROSE IMMORTAL and still not doing it. I hope they at least rehearsed it cause if they did i'm gonna get a pow-wow going with all the rest of the VIP's and at the meet and greet we have to beg Mike and the gang to finally pull it out. I love Advent but it's not Black Rose and it's FUCKING TIME to take it out of the bag and play it and what better than NYC. Night and the Silent Water is great as well but again not Black Rose. I bought the VIP ticket thinking for ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SURE it would finally be played. If they didn't rehearse it still an awesome setlist. April Ethereal is perfect since most of these concerts are taking place in April. Come on I know I am not the only one that wants to hear Black Rose live.
I agree about BRI, but I think Mikael hates most songs on Morningrise so it's doubtful we'll ever hear it.
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