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Dream Avantasia Setlist

Not sure if anyone else can or would bother to submit one of these, but I feel I need to.

Note: I used a fairly reasonable set of musicians and singers, similar to what they did on the actual 2008 tour - I just used Michael Kiske, because, even though it's next-to-impossible, it's the right thing to do.

I specify singers on each track (I had to get creative with some of them), but here is the lineup I've chosen:

Tobias Sammet - Lead Vocals (naturally)
Jorn Lande - Vocals
Russell Allen - Vocals
Oliver Hartmann - Vocals, Guitars
Bob Catley - Vocals
Michael Kiske - Vocals
Andre Matos - Vocals
Amanda Somerville - Vocals
Sascha Paeth - Guitars
Miro Rodenberg - Keyboards
Robert Hunecke - Bass
Felix Bohnke - Drums

01.Reach Out For the Light (Sammet/Kiske)
02.No Return (Sammet/Kiske/Matos)
03.Another Angel Down (Sammet/Lande)
04.The Wicked Symphony (Sammet/Lande/Allen)
05.Chalice of Agony (Sammet/Matos/Allen)
06.Wastelands (Sammet/Kiske)
07.Dying For an Angel (Sammet/Hartmann)
08.Runaway Train (Sammet/Lande/Catley/Kiske)
09.States of Matter (Sammet/Allen)
10.The Looking Glass (Sammet/Catley)
11.Devil in the Belfry (Sammet/Lande)
12.I Don't Believe in Your Love (Sammet/Hartmann)
13.Stargazers (Sammet/Lande/Allen/Kiske/Hartmann)
14.Angel of Babylon (Sammet/Lande)
15.Promised Land (Sammet/Lande)
16.Journey to Arcadia (Sammet/Catley/Allen)
17.The Scarecrow (Sammet/Lande/Kiske)
18.Farewell (Sammet/Somerville/Kiske)
19.Avantasia (Sammet/Kiske)
20.Sign of the Cross (All)
21.The Seven Angels (All)
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