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Here is my 'musical truths'

-Iron Maiden fanboys, and most other fanboys of anything, really fucking piss me off.
-Led Zeppelin, early Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and every other band that played anything resembling early metal is over-rated.
-People that hate things because they are new are douchebags.
-Power Metal and Progressive Metal and Progressive Power Metal really aren't that different. (sorry Jeff.)
-I really like their music, but I can't tell any Pelican, God is An Astronaut, Red Sparrowes, or Isis songs apart from each other unless I can see the title.
- I don't "get" Burzum.
- I recently realized that most of the bands and musicians I like, particularly Mastodon, are frequent users of drugs that I do not use, and I have a difficult time reconciling that fact. I would love to say that I don't judge them, but something about the fact that they use drugs, and some fans use drugs, to enhance their musical creativity and enjoyment deminishes the music itself to my sober mind.
- I love Iron Maiden, but I tend to feel disgusted when people compliment me on one of their t-shirts. Oh, really, you like the best, most popular metal band of all time? Cool, bro. And this is especially true when that person then goes on to tell me how much they love Guns N Roses, Korn, or Disturbed.

[/off-the-top of the head, douchebag comments.]


- In my increasing nihilism and misanthropy, I have realized how utterly pointless it is, at any point in time, to argue about music.

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