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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
Basically I waited 8 hours in line, got fucked over by the record label who were supposed to have me on the guest list but my name wasn't on it, didn't have a ticket until after Exodus finished playing, and the friends who I let cut in line with me were already in two hours before that. I never found them. They had the time of their lives on the rail. Then I lost my wallet during Testament. And then after the show I found out that the guy who had my camera and recorder in his car (rjturtle9) cracked his head open while trying to surf his way out of the pit, and was taken to hospital.
Damn this was just an off gig for everyone. I got pushed down and wasn't getting helped up for shit. People were falling on top of me, fuckin elbows in my throat, I had to get off the floor cos I couldn't breathe even after I got back up.
Yeah if I had straight hair combed to one side, wore skinny jeans and flannel I'd get all the girls too. But I'm not a pussy.
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