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Landmine Marathon - Sovereign Descent

Haven't heard too much buzz about this record on here or elsewhere on the internet, but it's KILLER, definitely one of my early favorites for 2010. For those not in the know, Landmine Marathon is a semi-new death/grind outfit from Phoenix with, yes, a hot chick for a singer. But since when is sounding like an update on Bolt Thrower and Carcass trendy? Since never, so hold thy tongue.

Grace Perry is on top of her game here; she's really carving out a unique vocal personality for herself at this point, and her lyrics are getting up into that J.R. Hayes/Julie Christmas/Phil McSorley stratosphere of brutal, wordy instability, she just needs to clean up the poetry a little and she'll be in that top echelon.

Another thing I really like about this album is the way there's sort of a constant muddy, raw mood prevailing, but out of nowhere there'll be a melody. And not a big Arch Enemy-style melody that kills the vibe, it's just played on one guitar, and the rest of the disgusting sound continues beneath it, usually including Perry's voice. It's just really rewarding every time one of these melodies ekes out of the mix.

Not much of a review, but who's heard this?

EDIT: Best tracks for me right now are "Exist," "Shadows Fed to Tyrants," and "Steadfast Hate."
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