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Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
That's the album that catapulted me into loving Opeth. Then after hearing that one I had a new appreciation for Ghost Reveries and Deliverance (The other two I owned), then ended up buying the rest of the discography, and now I would call them one of my favorite bands.

I will admit that they are a difficult band to get into. But I don't know if anyone would be able to see them live and not be a fan after the show is over.
The first album I heard from them was Ghost Reveries and it was good I was fine with it and not bored. But I tried there other albums and it bored. Its that Heavy,Soft,Heavy thing they do in every single song that bores me. Even thoe they bore me alot I dont hate them and I respect them has musicians and I can handle some Opeth songs Ghost of Perdition,Reverie,Porcelin heart. The last 3 minutes of Deliverence has excelent drumming.
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