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I wish the mods would allow trees/seeds on here. In 1998 Megadeth performed an acoustic show 10 min from my house in Pasadena, MD. You had to win tix off the radio or know somebody to be there. They played 10 songs with my buddy Kirk McEwen interviewing Dave between songs and it was aired on the radio so legally it's public domain. Kirkster hooked me up with an original soundboard copy and it's incredible. By far the best versions of Countdown to Extinction and Use The Man I've ever heard. I never liked She-Wolf at all until I heard this version also.

What makes the cd/show so great was the interviews. Dave was funny, clever and answered all the questions even about Metallica. I even yelled FREEBIRD! and he laughed. I have fond memories of the band and have seen them enough times so it's all good.

My best Megadeth story was from Vegas. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel where they were playing with Coal Chamber and across the street was the best strip club at the time the Paradise Club. My girlfriend and I walked over to the club around 2 to watch Kevin Brown pitch and check out the girls. This was way before Spearmint Rhino so the girls were all beautiful. They came out in gowns like a pageant then by the 3rd song were naked. I had put 1K on Kevin Brown that day and in the 8th inning up 2-1 he pitched out of a no-out bases loaded jam while my girl was getting a lap dance from the hottest asian girl I've ever seen. One of the highlights of my life to this day. Walking back to the Hard Rock around 5:pm I see this huge head of hair between cars. I'm like that's the Megadeth guitarist. What's he doing in the parking lot? As we got closer he wasn't moving I'm thinking is he breaking into a car? Is he helping someone get their keys? 5 cars away I yell Martyyyyyyyyy! and he doesn't flinch. As we got closer I see some chick blowing him right there in the parking lot. I was like OH SHIT! Sorry Dude... When I saw him at the pool bar an hour later I apologized and he just laughed it off. He was walking back from the Paradise club when some chick just grabbed him. Ah, the good ole days....
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