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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
How much was gas in 1984? Do you refuse to buy gas today because it costs more than it did 26 years ago? It sucks, but if you want to drive you have to pay the price.
True but my point was directed more at Dave and his greed. I bet most bands split the Merch money evenly. I believe Ellefson and his claims that Dave stole money from him and the other bandmates. That's who that guy is... I saw it with my own eyes. Drugged up and drunk Dave was really cool and fun to meet and hang out with. New "born again" Dave is bitchy, greedy and has a God complex. Just my take from personal experience. I'm sure other people met him on a good day and might have different opinions but I met Dr. Jeckyl and thought he was awesome and have now seen Mr. Hyde and he's an assclown. hahaha
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