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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Coming from someone who's opinion I respect it's time to educate yourself Bro. Mustaine receives 80% of all merch money from anything Megadeth. It was pubic knowledge in the lawsuit Ellefson filed against him. The only ridiculous thing is how many people take up for this greedy fucking assclown. He consistently fires bandmates so he can get a bigger piece of the pie. Does anyone think Ellefson is getting anywhere near the cut he used to get? Please... Who could possibly be that fukkin naive?

This was just 1 of my many complaints about that horrific night but when people start accepting $35 for a short-sleeved shirt that cost $5 to produce then enemy has already won.

If anyone paid $50 for a Def Leppard shirt they have serious issues. I saw Metallica on the Ride the Lightning Tour. Ticket $12, Shirt $15 and it's still in great shape. The best $27 I ever spent. I can't fathom someone paying $70 to see Def leppard play all their Hysteria shit and wanting to represent that crap with a $50 shirt. Sorry, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

I stick by everything I said 100%. Nuff said'
How much was gas in 1984? Do you refuse to buy gas today because it costs more than it did 26 years ago? It sucks, but if you want to drive you have to pay the price.
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