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This year's Mayhem lineup does deserve some of the bashing it is getting. I mean I am still going but it is for sure much weaker overall lineup than last years. I mean fuckin Atreyu,Norma Jean and In This Moment are all ungodly awful. I feel really bad for 3 Inches Of Blood for having to share the stage with such garbage bands.

That being said the Jager Stage is pretty good. I havent seen Chimaira or Shadows Fall but Hatebreed absolutley slayed when I saw them in December. Winds Of Plague I am a fan of as well but they do indeed bring out the scene fags which sucks.

Main Stage FFDP is a very meh band on disc but they are entertaining live. Lamb Of God is one of my fave bands and are awesome live. Haven't seen Zombie or Korn but I am big fans of both of them and I am quite excited to see both of them.

I think they need to blend the lineup better like last year. Last year had something for everyone and I think was pretty much the perfect major metal festival lineup.
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