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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
Dude they played Life Is Now! Damn .. my reviewer got me the wrong set list. I just copy-pasted what he sent me. But I was at the show and I'm pretty sure they played Life Is Now. I heard Joacim announcing it!! Can somebody confirm?
Sorry!!!! I guess they changed it around, the set-list I got says they played Stronger than All, I guess they changed it. MY BAD!!!!

EDIT: YEP! I was wrong. The set-list I got was pretty off. WOW! Soundboard guy really did me a solid... -_-
Here's the actual set from the night.

# Punish and Enslave
# Crimson Thunder
# Renegade
# Hallowed Be My Name
# Last Man Standing
# BloodBound
#Something for the Ages
# Heeding the Call
# Rebel Inside
# The Dragon Lies Bleeding
# Between Two Worlds
# Any Means Necessary
# Life Is Now
# Riders of the Storm
# Secrets
# Let the Hammer Fall
# Hearts on Fire

This one is for SURE accurate, I took a photo of the setlist a guy got off the stage. Sorry for that mixup. I feel stupid now!
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