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Originally Posted by undergroundrage View Post
I can see why someone wouldn't like Hatebreed, but have you seen them live? Or FFDP to a lesser extent. Few bands get a crowd moving like Hatebreed. And I can also see the hate for WOP, but I like them. they don't shred like Lazarus, but their over-all sound plays good live.

Now that one stage is down right awful, I know. But people here talk shit about Lamb of God, Chimaira, Shadows Fall like they suck. Those are three of the better bands around right now. There just seems to be a lot of hate around here for any band that gets play on Headbangers ball, or the like...
I've seen Hatebreed twice, and actually kind of like them, I own The Rise Of Brutality. They were incredibly fun both times I saw them.

Lazarus A.D. is great live, tons of energy and awesome solos. The vocals aren't for me though.

Lamb Of God is actually one of my favorite bands, no matter how much most of the people on this forum bash them. I've seen them 4 times and will continue to go to their shows every time they come around.

Seen Chimaira once, loved it, and haven't had a chance to see Shadows Fall yet. Don't know much by SF though.
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