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Originally Posted by JudasPriest89 View Post
Dude get over it,I payed 50$ for a Def Leppard shirt in 2008 and it turned out to be a piece of shit and not because of what the shirt looked like (Because if it looked like shit I would not have bought it) but because what it was made of (It fucking shrunk somehow when I put it on at the gig and it was the only time I wore it) and after the show I bought a cheaper one for 30$ and it was made properly.So quit bitching about shirt prices it would be worse.
Yeah. 35 isn't much for a Megadeth shirt. I'm not saying its cheap and I never care to buy shirts anyway. All I care about once the doors open is to get on the rail and stay there for the whole time. Fuck everything else. I can count on my fingers the shirts I ever bought at shows: Iron Maiden 2008, Metallica 2008, Kreator 2009 and Heaven And Hell 2009.

But if someone's bitching about shirt price of $35 for Megadeth's RIP 20th anniversary tour shirt and blaming Mustaine for it, that's just fucking ridiculous.
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