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Immortal -- Toronto, ON -- March 27th, 2010

Drove from Buffalo to Toronto to see the Sons of Northern Darkness, and those mother fuckers did not disappoint. They played more newer stuff than I'd have liked, but they still put on a spectacular show and performed the songs flawlessly. They had some issues with Horgh's drums and Abbath's guitar during the first two songs but other than that there were no technical problems. Definitely looking forward to seeing them again, whenever that may be. I'm very surprised they played such a small venue but feel very lucky to have seen them in a place like that. On with the setlist

1. All Shall Fall
2. The Rise Of Darkness
3. Solarfall
4. Sons Of Northern Darkness
5. Tyrants
6. Hordes To War
7. Norden On Fire
8. Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms
9. A Sign For The Norse Hordes To Ride/Pure Holocaust medley
10. Unearthly Kingdom
11. One By One
12. Withstand The Fall Of Time
13. Beyond The North Waves
14. Battles In The North
15. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)
10/17 - Nunslaughter
10/18 - Anvil
10/19 - THE KING
10/20 - Iron Reagan
10/23 - Dead Congregation
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