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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
The amount of baseless assumptions you're making is so ridiculous that I can't even type "LOL" anymore. Think about what you're saying.
Coming from a guy who said Black Sabbath ruined Metal it's not like you have any form of a brain anyway.

At least the mixer story makes some sense. Too bad he never mentioned that in his babyfied rants. I really wish someone recorded the other rants to prove my point.

I met Mustaine and Friedman in Vegas on the Youthanasia Tour and he was very cool then. Of course he was janked up and drinking at the Hard Rock Hot Tub with Dez from Coal Chamber (at the time). He was laughing at all the meatheads at the pool and seemed so down to earth and fun.

Maybe if he had a drink that night he wouldn't have been such a bitch...
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