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Trans-Siberian Orchestra -- Cincinnati, OH -- March 25th, 2010

Source: Chris Caffery

01.Overture (Instrumental)
04.What Good This Deafness
06.What Is Eternal?
07.The Moment
09.Mozart (Instrumental)
10.The Dreams of Candlelight
11.Requiem (The Fifth) (Instrumental)
12.I'll Keep Your Secrets
13.The Dark
14.Fur Elise (Instrumental)
15.After the Fall
16.A Last Illusion (Instrumental)
17.This Is Who You Are
18.Beethoven (Instrumental)
19.Mephistopheles' Return
21.Who is this Child?
22.A Final Dream
24.Mozart and Memories (Instrumental)
25.Toccato - Carpimus Noctem (Instrumental)

The Singers:
Rob Evan (as Beethoven)
Jeff Scott Soto (as Mephistopheles)
Jay Pierce (as Twist)
Tim Hockenberry ("Believe")
John Brink (as Young Beethoven)
Chloe Lowery (as Theresa)
Valentina Porter (as Fate)
Danielle Landherr
April Berry
Bryan Hicks (Narrator)

The Band:
Al Pitrelli (Guitar)
Chris Caffery (Guitar)
Johnny lee Midlleton (Bass)
Jeff Plate (Drums)
Andrew Ross (Rhythm Guitar)
Bob Kinkel (Keyboards)
Vitali Kuprij (Keyboards)
Jane Mangini (Keyboards)
Roddy Chong (Violin)
Sarah Charness (Violin)

Well... this is interesting. Definitely way more cons than pros. I mean, I guess no one ever said there would be a full-length second set, I think everyone just kind of assumed it would be a set of Night Castle material, not just a handful of songs. As I expected, a lot of weird singer and instrumentalist choices - including a girl singing "The Dark". Also, based on all the videos I've seen they went entirely overboard with the lights and special effects - possibly coming across as downright annoying in the more intimate theater setting.
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