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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Rams Head are totally stepping up here. many people who bought their tickets off craigs list or from a service got screwed. My buddy bought ours using his credit card and we both refused to go back the next day so I wasn't expecting anything. The fact Rams Head contacted him via email saying 2 free tickets to ANY upcoming show is totally cool to me.

The highest short sleeved shirts I've ever seen were Heaven & Hell and they were $30. Other than that $25 for major bands and $20 at most shows I go to. Maybe it varies by area but I've never seen $35 in my life and I would never pay $30 or $35 strictly out of principle.

As far as Dave goes, I guess you had to be there. He ripped the promoter several times for some reason and called Rams Head's PA shitty even though Testament sounded perfect. Listen to what a prick he sounds like and this was before people got rowdy and his true colors came shining through.
Sorry, I misunderstood you, I thought you were commending them for letting you go into the make up show for free.

He sounds frustrated, and he didn't act professional, but I doubt he did that for no reason. Someone knows something that we don't it's that simple. I don't think he sounds like too much of a prick, he sounds angry. If he explained the situation a bit better, maybe there would have been less backlash.
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