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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Actually the thrown water bottle didn't happen to 90 min after Testament ended and after megadeth walked off stage the 1st time and didn't say why. Megadeth did 2 soundchecks and after an hour of no word the people did get restless. I heard one incident when the bass got really loud for 3 seconds and that was it. It was manageable. To send people home and not fix it then was Dave being Dave. People were chanting Dave's a faggot and he got pissed and refused to come back out.

Props to Rams Head for offering people like me who refused to go back the next night a free ticket to any future show. I got to see Exodus and Testament and another show rather than some egomaniac who thinks he's the best musician on the planet.

As far as $35 for a short sleeved shirt, I've never seen that before in my life.
The word on the Megadeth board is that the first sound board went bad during Testament and the replacement sound board was fried by the thrown drink. The long wait between Testament and Megadeth was due to replacement of the first sound board and testing of the second. When the second board got fried, the show was over.

Also, every concert shirt that I have bought in the last 5 years has been $35. The only exception was Mastodon in '06.
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