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Actually the thrown water bottle didn't happen to 90 min after Testament ended and after megadeth walked off stage the 1st time and didn't say why. Megadeth did 2 soundchecks and after an hour of no word the people did get restless. I heard one incident when the bass got really loud for 3 seconds and that was it. It was manageable. To send people home and not fix it then was Dave being Dave. People were chanting Dave's a faggot and he got pissed and refused to come back out.

Props to Rams Head for offering people like me who refused to go back the next night a free ticket to any future show. I got to see Exodus and Testament and another show rather than some egomaniac who thinks he's the best musician on the planet.

As far as $35 for a short sleeved shirt, I've never seen that before in my life.
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