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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
$35 for a short-sleeved t-shirt is all about Mustaine. I couldn't believe how many people were wearing them. I can't think of 1 musician I have less respect for than Dave. Between not playing his older material because he's "born again" to charging $35 for a shirt then walking off stage after 3 songs at our show. I've been to hundreds of shows and never seen the type of shit he does. Props to Metallica for getting rid of that cancer when they did.
T-shirt prices, much like concert tickets aren't up to the band at all. I think sometimes people overestimate how much control a band has over stuff like that. If no one in the band has an buisness or marketing experience there's really no need for them to get involved with such things.

I understand why you would be pissed that the show got canceled, I would be to. But can you really put the blame on Mustaine? Didn't some fan spill their drink on the soundboard and that's how the sound got fucked? If that story is true this is hardly Mustaine's fault. Plus, if any band goes on stage and the sound if fucked up and the crowd can't hear it clearly, and more importantly the band can't hear what they're playing what exactly are you suppose to do in that situation? I'm just thinking of this as a rare isolated incident. Megadeth doesn't have the reputation of starting a show and walking off stage without finishing. This isn't Axl Rose here though they both are completely dicks. I've never known Megadeth to not finish a show though. Something must've really been wrong is all I can say.

Also Mustaine didn't become "born again" until the early 2000s. That can't be blamed for him not playing the older stuff. He had that problem long before he found religion.
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