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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
I won't rule out Megadeth, but you know, Cumstaine is such a greedy fucking bastard, he better have good fucking openers if he expects me to go see him again. Those tickets are so goddamn expensive.
While I agree Mustaine is an huge asshole it doesn't honestly bother me like it does some people. As far as the ticket prices go, you do realize that Mustaine is not in charge of that right? You're placing your anger in the wrong place. The promoters/bookers/venues are in charge of pricing the tickets not the artists. The band does their job of playing and getting people to come to the show and that's it. More often than not a band doesn't have any say in ticket prices. If people are willing to pay what the venue says than that's what they're gonna charge.

When I saw them earlier this month the tickets were $39.50. I'm not sure how expensive they've been at other venues but that's not bad at all. It's not even close to the most i've ever spent on one ticket. Honestly, for a band that has the name recognition of Megadeth that's about the average ticket price.
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