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I was so glad Seattle was the start of the 2nd half of the tour with Kataklysm. I have to say at my show I didn't mind the Lightning swords of death, although the 30 minutes or so that they played was enough of their style for me.

For anyone that is interested I believe the Kataklysm set was something like this. The only song I don't remember if they played or not was Bound in Chains, but I believe they did. All the other songs they did play. I didn't write down the set so THESE ARE NOT IN ORDER.

Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
The Ambassador of Pain
It Turns to Rust (Said they had never played it in the U.S. before...)
Blood On The Swans
As I Slither
In Shadows and Dust
Crippled & Broken
Bound in Chains (I think)
Let Them Burn
Blood in Heaven

BTW, you didn't get to see Lazarus A.D. at your show?
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