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Originally Posted by justinm4bama View Post
Dreaming Dead at the Masquerade (February 2010).

1) Into
2) Midnite
3) Crowd
4) Stairs
5) Putrid
6) Exile
7) Insanity

I have the set list so these are 100% correct.
Yeah, but those aren't the correct names of the songs. Here are the correct song titles:

1) Intro? (unless this is a new song, beginning with the word "Into")
2) Midnightmares (new)
3) This might just be a cue to speak to the crowd, because their current (and only) album has no song with the word "Crowd" in it, and since these folks are of a melodic / black / death bent, it sounds like an unlikely word in a title of theirs. I suppose it could be something else new, but I rather doubt it.
4) Stairs Into the Vortex
5) Putrid Is the Sky
6) Exile (new)
7) Insanity Reigns (new)

The above would basically be consistent with the set I saw on January 20, which was:

Midnightmares (new)
Stairs Into the Vortex
Putrid Is the Sky
Exile (new)
Insanity Reigns (new)

BTW, you might want to check out the proper syntax for posting set lists...there are some folks around here who are real Nazis about that...
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