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Pentagram -- Los Angeles, CA -- March 20th, 2010

Got there just in time for Radio Moscow, real good, drummer was the best of the night, they have good songs and can jam. Parker rips on guitar. Nice set.

Frustrating Sound
Broke Down
Brain Cycles
The Escape
No Jane
Mistreating Queen
I Just Don't Know

Night Horse played next, caught their last song at the Shrinebuilder gig a couple weeks ago, they had some good songs and some boring songs. Steeped more in the late 70's/early 80's hard rock idiom compared to Radio Moscow's manifestation of 60's/early 70's blues rock. Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, and Zeppelin came to mind when these guys were on, but sometimes the lack of both rhythmic variation and guitar dynamics killed whatever momentum they got goin on a decent riff. They are professional grade rock n roll though no doubt, tone and loud, check. Who does a similar but way better jam like this is the similarly yet also better named Drunk Horse.

The most recent breakdown in the much maligned lineup of Pentagram came with guitarist Russ Strahan bailing on the tour the day it was supposed to start, so playing these gigs is the guitarist from DC's Wretched. He was damn good too, but the drawback is that this gig was short and included a long jam of non Pentagram material, which was still good (just to hear Bobby sing 'La Grange' was worth it) but obviously would've liked some original material. You'd think by now 5 days into the tour that dude could've learned a few more songs, he can obviously play and it's not like Walk in the Blue Light, Lazy Lady, Hurricane, Earth Flight, etc are particularly difficult songs to learn on guitar in a short period of time. The rest of the band is the same so its not like they would also have to relearn them. But all that aside the 'Ram delivered. Bobby is great, a true original. Once the band got warmed up (only took about thru half of Wheel of Fortune) they were really jammin. Last year's show was obviously in another league but under the circumstances this was still killer, and shit I could think of a lot lamer ways to spend a night than seeing Pentagram, at full capacity or not. Who knows if and when they'll be back out here again, but I'll see it everytime.

Wheel of Fortune
Forever My Queen
Review Your Choices
Blues Rock Jam including La Grange
Sign of the Wolf
20 Buck Spin
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