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Megadeth -- Norfolk, VA -- March 19th, 2010

Exodus was pretty sick. They got a wall of death going, but the people that were in it didn't really know what to do, so it kinda sucked haha. Right after Exodus finished, I managed to grab the rail, when people shifted a bit:>

Testament was awesome, really good performance. Chuck Billy's air guitaring with his mic was pretty funny. He used a pick for some of it, and he threw one to me:> They played:
Over the Wall
The Haunting
Burnt Offerings
Raging Waters
First Strike is Deadly
Do or Die
Alone in the Dark
Apocolyptic City
Souls of Black
Into the Pit

Megadeth was absolutely incredible. It was hard to hold the rail, but I managed. I was right in front of Dave Ellefson for most of the performance, and he threw me one of his picks:> They played:
Skin O' My Teeth
In My Darkest Hour
Holy Wars
Hangar 18
Take No Prisoners
Five Magics
Poison was the Cure
Tornado of Souls
Dawn Patrol
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars Reprise
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