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Suidakra -- Los Angeles, CA -- March 19th, 2010

Fucking awesome show

Statius and Suidakra kicked some serious ass. Didn't care for the other bands.

Statius interview:

Gig pictures:

I'll update this with Suidakra interview and gig review.

Statius set list:
1. Intro: Resident Evil Theme
2. Deep Into That Darkness
3. Wulf
4. Moonlight Tragedies
5. Storm Bracing
6. To Conquer the Wild
7. A Night to Remember
8. Forest Kin

Suidakra set list:
1. Wartunes
2. Isle Of Skye
3. Well Of Might
4. Darkane Times
5. Dead Man's Reel
6. Conlaoch
7. Gates Of Nevermore
8. Gilded Oars
9. Crown The Lost
10.Shattering Swords
12.Pendragon's Fall
13.Baile's Strand
14.The IXth Legion
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