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Originally Posted by AnataFan4Life View Post
Main Stage:
Tool (would sell shitloads of tickets for their presence alone)
GWAR (crazy live show, plus they pull a Mastodon and make their show general admission )
While I do agree that Tool would sell a good amount of tickets, they wouldn't be able to sellout the venues Mayhem will book all by themselves. GWAR has a good cult following but they won't bring enough people in to warrent a co-headline spot on the main stage. They're more suited for one of the second stages.

Anyways since seeing Megadeth saturday i'm feeling really nostalgic right now. While this lineup most likely won't happen i'd like to see this for next year.

Main Stage

Metallica- 2hrs. Will play all of MOP to celebrate the albums 25th anniversary.

Megadeth- 75 mins. More than likely will have something new coming out around Mayhem time next year, giving them a reason to get back on the road.

Slayer- 60 mins. A nice way to wrap up their touring cycle for WPB after having the first part of it cancelled.

Anthrax- 45 mins. They will FINALLY decide weather they want Belladonna or Bush back full time and go out and kick ass again.

The second stages will still fit in with the old school feel. Danzig can headline one stage and Testament can headline the other. Bands like Exodus, Iced Earth and Nevermore musically would fit in nicely here as well. To fill out the two stages book some of the modern thrash acts. Younger thrash bands like Mantic Ritual, Warbringer and Lazurus AD would get some great exposure from this, and you will have a hell of a show
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