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Hatchet -- Kansas City, MO -- March 17th, 2010


Partial/Out Of Order:

Awaken And Kill
Black Sails Cross The Seven Seas
Blood Eagle
Life By The Blade
Wings Of Fire
Invaders (Iron Maiden cover)

The Sacred Have Fallen:

Partial/Out Of Order:

Phantasmagoric Conceptions


Partial/Out Of Order:

Black Thrash Assault
Absolute Profit
Dawn Of The Unholy


Partial/Out Of Order:

Frailty Of The Flesh
Frozen Hell
Attack Imminent
Morlock's Tomb
Awaiting Evil


Partial/Out Of Order:

Longship Arises
Adorned In Frost
Black Sails
Hearing the Pyre-Breath
Fury of the Seafarer

Stonehaven - 8.5/10
Hatchet - 9/10
Witchaven - 9/10
The Sacred Have Fallen - 6/10
Vanlade - 9/10
The Tards - 8/10
1/11 - Skull Fist
1/16 - Reel Big Fish?
1/18 - Mayhem
2/12 - You Blew It
2/19 - 1349
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