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Thank You!

I’ve been trying to find out what the F@#k happened! I was on the front left side of the stage and was having a great time head banging to “Hordes”. (I was really looking forward to this song). All of a sudden I felt a thud on the back of my neck & I went down like a ton of bricks. I got up and could not figure out what happened and neither could anyone around me. Then I see security shining their flashlights into the crowd from the center of the stage. There was this bonehead out there with a bandanna covering his face like a bank robber. (For a second I thought he was going to pull out a gun). Anyway, security jumped over the rail and got the kid out of there. I had a feeling that this is what happened but, was not sure. I’m glad I saw your review….this has been bugging me all week!

This was indeed an awesome show. I met “Away” and he signed my Voivod shirt….nice guy. I also caught Jürgen’s drumstick at the end. (It looks like a dog got a whole of it)

My neck still hurts as well. It could be from when the neanderthal fell on my head or from the aggression I had to let out afterward. I just think it’s funny that he felt that he had to jump into the crowd….my buddy left and came back to his exact spot about 3 times during the show.

Lazarus, Voivod, and Kreator were all awesome and I just drank a few beers during the other 2 bands. I did like the “Grace” song by Nachtmystium and the last song they played. I’ll be back for Overkill in 4 weeks. I cannot wait.

----Still feeling the “endless pain”---
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