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Kreator -- Milwaukee, WI -- March 13th, 2010

This was held in the Rave Bar, which is surprising. Anyways, Lazarus AD were first, and they good just like last time I saw them. I don't know their setlist, so yeah, sorry.

Up next were Evile, and they ruled. They seemed really happy the whole set and I even got the drummer's beer after their set. Anyways, I'm sure they had the same set as the other shows, but I recorded it, so I'll figure it out...

Infected Nation
We Who Are About to Die
Time No More
Bathe In Blood
Enter the Grave

Nachtmystium were next and they were decent. I don't like black metal, but they weren't generic black metal, they were a little different and had some cool songs. I also liked their guitarist's Carcass hoodie and Entombed shirt.

Your True Enemy
Ghosts of Grace
Life of Fire
Hellish Overdose
One of These Nights

Kreator closed the show and they ruled. Probably the best show I've seen. I was right against the stage, maybe a foot and a half to the right of Mille, leaning against one of his monitors. The performance was great, and the stage setup and lights were awesome. It was really cool to see in such a small venue.

Choir of the Damned
The Pestilence
Hordes of Chaos
Enemy of God
Impossible Brutality
Endless Pain
Pleasure to Kill
Terrible Certainty
Extreme Aggression
Coma of Souls
Servant in Heaven – King in Hell
The Patriarch
Violent Revolution
Demon Prince
When the Sun Burns Red
Flag of Hate/Tormentor
1/27 - Sleep

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