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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That would be cool but after seeing this set live it works very well the way they have it. They do the first three back to back without stopping to get the crowd going. Then they stop for a minute and Dave welcomes everyone and asks if "we all know why we're here" and then starts HW. After RIP is done the band leaves the stage for like two minutes, then Dave talked again to tell us about how he came up with the idea to write Headcrusher. The way they do it is actually paced out very nicely and there's no complaints at all on my part on the song order for this tour.

I noticed you have it listed as one of your upcoming shows. Once you see it you'll understand fully what I mean about it being paced out very well.
Sounds awesome and even if the set never changed I'm still crazy excited. Just hoping to get a PS or KIMB rarity too but of course I'm very content with RIP.
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