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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
And why exactly should it change at all? This isn't Metallica or Dream Theater who we expect to switch the sets every night. Megadeth is a band who doesn't change their set for a tour very much at all. A song or two my get dropped in favor of another song or two but that's it. They're only playing this set for the a month, that's it. There's no need to change anything in it if the RIP 20 tour is only going that long.

From the reviews i've read and from actually attending this show, the crowd is going fuckin nuts for this set. So why exactly would Mustaine think about changing it if the crowd is giving them such a great response at every show? Another thing is band chemistry. If you play the same songs every night the band sounds tighter and the songs sound near perfect. Switching the set every night causes more fuck ups (forgetting lyrics, playing sounds a bit off) and if we all know Mustaine, he isn't gonna have any of that. He wants his fans to hear the best performance possible and that's why not only Megadeth, but a lot of other bands stick to the same set.

It may get boring but there are positives to playing the same set for and entire tour. The way Megadeth is sounding on this tour is proof it works.
I agree completely and I'm not saying I don't want to see the show if the setlist is the same but Mustaine did say they may be bringing shit out from the first two albums. I'm not saying change it drastically I'm just saying well how bout RIP and maybe Devil's Island and then the rest of the set.
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