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The Black Dahlia Murder -- St. Paul, MN -- March 15th, 2010

I wasn't even in the venue for Hatesphere. I stood outside and talked/smoked with Brian Eschbach and James Lee (ex Origin) cause I hadn't seen either of them in a while. While doing that I also got to meet Jeroen Paul Thesseling and Patrick Loisel.

Then it was time for Augury. I absolutely love this band, they're probably my favorite band from the last 10 years. Last night was my 3rd time seeing them and I have to say, it's nice to see that they're getting more of a following. The first time they came to the states with God Dethroned I was the only one rocking out during their set. My favorite part about seeing Augury is hanging out with Mathieu Marcotte, he's a really cool guy to just smoke and shoot the shit with between bands so when he's in town me and my buddy just hang out with him pretty much the whole time.

They sounded pretty good in my opinion. Christian Pacaud played pretty well, but it just wasn't the same without Forest since Christian doesn't play a fretless and doesn't have the sound or stage presence that Forest had live. The vocals were hard to hear at times too but other than that they did great.

Faith Puppeteers
Simian Cattle
Sovereigns Unknown

Obscura had the best sound overall, I could hear every note Jeroen played. I just wish they would have put at least one new song into the set. Oh well, it will happen eventually. FYI! while talking with Jeroen he told me that theyre going to make a new album in the near future. He told me when he was going in but I can't remember..

The Anticosmic Overload
Choir Of Spirits
Universe Momentum
Drum Solo
Desolate Spheres
Centric Flow

Black Dahlia's set was the same set as the last review. They were spot on like every other time I've seen them. Except, they kept getting feed back throughout the set which got pretty annoying. Also, there was a bit too much played off of Unhallowed for my taste. I'm more of a Miasma and Nocturnal guy so I was a little disappointed with the lack of tunes off those albums.

Unhallowed/Funeral Thirst
A Vulgar Picture
Everything Went Black
Black Valor
Christ Deformed
Elder Misanthropy
Closed Casket Requiem
I'm Charming
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Statutory Ape
Denounced, Disgraced
Deathmask Divine
I Will Return
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