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The whole night kicked ass, from meeting some of ya'll to being front & center for every band to getting to meet most of Ludicra. I’m glad I made the trip.

Sets (Photographed & Guaranteed):

Message from Baghdad
Tyrant’s Philosophy
Garden of Stones
Unholy Lie
Life is Just a Day and Night

Terminus / Swords and Leather
The Coming of War
The Thrice is Greatest to Ninnigal
13 Globes
Voor / Magic(k) Square Garden
Intro / Manannan
Highland Tyrant Attack
Night Fire Canonization
An Involution of Thorns / Descent to Archeron
Never Blow out the Eastern Candle
Tara / Pillars of Mercy
Four Crossed Wands

Mini reviews (Although I could write a book on the night):

Black Tusk – Tons of fun. Their performance quality is stellar for a 3-person band. They were a great opener.
Swords of Lightning – Dang. Decent. Very decent. I would totally see them again. They sounded great, though I could have preferred a little more action on stage.
Acrassicauda – I have the same feeling as Maiden. Their set was fun and all, but not that impressive.
Ludicra – Wow. I am officially a huge Ludicra fan now. Frontwoman Laurie never stops throwing herself around like a crazy woman… even when she gets brained with a guitar head and blood starts streaming into her eye. The rest of the band plays beautifully. Off stage, they also turn out to be the nicest, most accommodating band in the world… even when the fan they’re talking to is very, very star struck.
Absu – Definitely the performance of the night. They had it all – talent, timing, brutality, performance, killer set… I couldn’t have asked for more.

Guitar picks from both Ludicra and Absu
Absu T-shirt for $10
A new appreciation for basement gigs (yeah Bernie's!)
The knowledge that Natty has no sense of direction
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.
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