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Originally Posted by licksandteeches View Post
I would like to take this opportunity to say that BDM has never been death core or metal core.
I agree for the most part. I think that their early stuff has a little bit of metalcore (no deathcore at all though) and it's stupid to lump them in with those genre's, especially now. But if they're gonna be lumped in with them, they should know that Trevor Strnad has the quintessential vocals for those two genre's. He doesn't half-ass the highs or the lows.

Originally Posted by Fires Of Sedition View Post

Where I was standing I could hardly hear the solos though It was still amazing to see them again...and to meet them and get pictures and what not.

I was right up front for the whole show until a few songs into The Black Dahlia Murder's set. I got a few pictures and headbanged a bit and then it just got dumb. Some stupid girls were trying to squeeze in between me and my cousin, then they left, then tried again. We just went to the back and watched, where the sound was much better, and we met Obscura!

Oh, I also bought the Elctrikchair CD. Hopefully it doesn't suck ass or I'll be pissed. The vocalist agreed to record some of my friend's band's songs for pretty cheap.

The drive home sucked major ass. I don't think I'll be going to Lawrence for another show for a LONG time.

Pictures and videos will be uploaded later.

EDIT: Also, I'm almost 100% sure Obscura skipped at least one verse in every song. Lame.
I missed you! ;_; Why was the ride back super lame? I hope you come back soon.

And I know that Obscura didn't skip any of the Anticosmic Overload, but I don't think I could tell you about the others.
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