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Scion Rock Fest -- Columbus, OH -- March 13th, 2010

Alright, if anyone has setlists that I don't (and I know some of you do ) pass them along and I'll edit them into the original post. Here goes:

Struck By Lightning:
Bottomless Pit
Tightening the Noose
The Watchful Eye
Becoming Earth
Nothing Sacred
False Hope
Silent and Still

Dead Between the Walls
The Creeper
March to the Sea
Strung Up from the Sky
Embedding the Moss

Science of Anger
The Architect
Blind for All to See
(no idea, unannounced)
(new song on forthcoming LP, live debut!)
Solar Benediction
Pyramid of the Moon

Awesome night. Good to meet some of y'all - and sincerest apologies for the horrible miscommunication and chaos after the gig, but hey, we tried. For the record, the bands that I saw were:

Black Tusk - didn't know much about them but they ROCKED and I'll definitely be hearing their new one on Relapse when it drops in May
Struck By Lightning - Dirty, disgusting, and absolutely fantastic. "Nothing Sacred" was a highlight of the night.
Acrassicauda - Mad props that they made it here from Iraq and all, but I hate to admit their generic-ness and occasional -core leanings really come out live, and it was pretty meh. Fun, but not something I'd see twice.
Pelican - Band of the night for me, as well as the only one I'd seen before. Something really clicked last night in their set. Easily the best set I've seen so far in 2010.
YOB - Can someone tell these guys when the song is over? Sorry, but 20 minutes of two riffs is not for me.
Shrinebuilder - Technical difficulties for Wino all night culminating in him basically air-guitaring half of Pyramid of the Moon, but a crushing set. Amazing to see four guys of equal, massive talent on stage at once.
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