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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
More people than I assumed showed up and were stoked for Germany's Obscura, and it really showed. I even saw a couple people screaming the words! And really: when you have two ex-members of Necrophagist and the current bassist for Pestilence on one stage, you have probably one of the greatest technical death metal shows on the planet in front of you. The technicality of these four guys was just stupid-good. Fretless basses are one of God's greatest gifts to Earth. I am already jonesing for them to be back.

Where I was standing I could hardly hear the solos though It was still amazing to see them again...and to meet them and get pictures and what not.

I was right up front for the whole show until a few songs into The Black Dahlia Murder's set. I got a few pictures and headbanged a bit and then it just got dumb. Some stupid girls were trying to squeeze in between me and my cousin, then they left, then tried again. We just went to the back and watched, where the sound was much better, and we met Obscura!

Oh, I also bought the Elctrikchair CD. Hopefully it doesn't suck ass or I'll be pissed. The vocalist agreed to record some of my friend's band's songs for pretty cheap.

The drive home sucked major ass. I don't think I'll be going to Lawrence for another show for a LONG time.

Pictures and videos will be uploaded later.

EDIT: Also, I'm almost 100% sure Obscura skipped at least one verse in every song. Lame.
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