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Dream Judas Priest setlist where they do your favorite album by them

As you may know in 2009 Judas Priest did a very succesful tour where they did all of there great album "British Steel" I know it's not everyones favorite Priest album but what album would you like to see them do live in its entirety?

Personally I would kill to see any of there studio albums (Both by Ripper and Halford and excluding "Nostadamus") but I would mostly like to see there earlier stuff like my favorite "Sad Wings Of Destiny","Hell Bent For Leather",or even "Stained Class" plus I would like to see "Screaming For Vengeance" (I actually imagine they will be doing that in a few years me though),"Painkiller" and believe it or not you may think it's stupid but even the fan dissapointing "Turbo"

Here's mine where they do all of Vengeance

01.The Hellion
02.Electric Eye
03.Riding On The Wind
05.(Take These) Chains
06.Pain And Pleasure
07.Screaming For Vengeance
08.You've Got Another Thing Comin'
10.Devil's Child
11.The Ripper
13.White Heat, Red Hot
14.Breaking The Law
16.Victim Of Changes
17.Island Of Domination
19.Diamonds And Rust
20.Prisoner Of Your Eyes

Or Sad Wings

01.Victim Of Changes
02.The Ripper
03.Dreamer Deceiver
09.Island Of Domination
10.Metal Gods
11.Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
12.Beyond The Realms Of Death
13.Turbo Lover
15.Leather Rebel
16.Diamonds And Rust
17.You've Got Another Thing Coming

Stained Class

02.White Heat, Red Hot
03.Better By You, Better Than Me
04.Stained Class
06.Saints In Hell
08.Beyond The Realms Of Death
09.Heroes End
10.Metal Gods
12.Breaking The Law
13.Between The Hammer And The Anvil
14.Victim Of Changes
15.Heading Out To The Highway
16.Diamonds And Rust
17.Heavy Duty
18.Defenders Of The Faith
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