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Reasonable 2011 Mayhem festival lineup

Main Stage:
Tool (would sell shitloads of tickets for their presence alone)
GWAR (crazy live show, plus they pull a Mastodon and make their show general admission )
Fear Factory (this would be kickass way to continue celebrating their resurgence)
Mudvayne (I'm gonna get shit for this one, but it's inevitable that there will be a nu-metal band somewhere in the line-up, so why not one of the better ones?)

Jagermeister Stage:
Children of Bodom (Increasingly popular, plus metalheads and hipsters alike would crowd around to see Alexi play guitar)
Devildriver (They seem to play a lot of festivals, plus they will atrract a crowd)
Darkest Hour (It's inevitable that there will be some metalcore in the lineup as well, so instead of garbage like Atreyu, how about a more talented band to attract the scene kids with?)
Unearth (See Darkest Hour, plus their killer stage presence will be a huge draw.)
Jagermeister Opener (Not gonna really go into detail for this one)

Mayhem Stage:
Nile (Bring back the death metal side stage! Nile headlined the second stage at 2007 Ozzfest, so why not here as well? Plus they are simply amazing live )
Amon Amarth (Another death metal group who has recently garnered a huge commercial following for their genre. Would be fucking epic)
Through the Eyes of the Dead (Again, a deathcore band is inevitable in order to attract scene kids, so why not a good deathcore band?)
Arsis (They seem like a band that would do something like this, and would be an awesome opener.)
Cattle Decapitation (See Arsis)

I tried to make this lineup as realistic as possible. This would totally kick the shit out of this year's line up
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