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Did anyone else have a MAJOR problem hearing Dave Mustaine's vocals? I know he's kinda quiet live, but this is the 6th time I've seen Megadeth and I've never had any issues with their sound. I could barely hear him or his guitar at this show. I was pissed during Dawn Patrol, they started playing it and I didn't hear vocals kick in at the usual spot, so I thought they were doing a prolonged intro with just drums and bass then dave would walk out on stage, everyone would cheer and he'd start singing. Not the case apparently. I don't know if he forgot to come in or if the sound was just that horrible, but I didn't catch any vocals until "as I read our epitaph". I was fuckin' PISSED!!! Kinda ruined the title track that followed after a disaster like that. My girlfriend and I drove 4 hours to Indy from St.Louis for this theater to suck ass at mixing sound!! I guess hearing a flawless live version of the entire R.I.P. album was just too good to be true. Never going back to the Murat again. Not sure why they skipped St.Louis this time around, they could've played at The Pageant and had a fantastic show. Oh, well at least I can say I've seen RIP live now. My only hope is they come back to St.Louis and at least give us Dawn Patrol and Five Magics.
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