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Originally Posted by Citatet View Post
You´re telling me Testament didn´t play "Disciples of The Watch"?

Weak set in my opinion. Sucks there is nothing form "The Formation of Damnation"
i talked to greg (bass) from testament after the gig in pittsburgh on the 12th. at least i'm pretty sure thats what his name was. he told me they'd play a varied set w/ stuff from "formation" on the carnage tour. we were bullshitting and i asked him if he got excited to play a 20+ year old record or if he'd rather play their recent, more challenging/technical material. he said basically he likes doing it this tour b/c its about an era and the classic thrash, but he'd prefer to play a more varied set. at least they got 1 non-legacy tune in there. i thot they'd only have time for legacy.

sadly we completely missed exodus, guess they went out right at 7pm, which is when it listed as doors opening, show @ 730. oh well. i went for rust in piece. thats all i cared about. honestly, i wouldnt have gone if it was just megadeth. rust in piece is really their only record i love start to finish, so i had to see this show, and it was killer.

also bud taped the whole gig on video. you can look for youtube samples later today ( megadeths A++++ looks fantastic. Testament, there were ppl being ushered to their seats so there are a few security ducks and heads in the way from ppl walking to and from. have better seats for mastodon where we'll be front of the balcony so that won't be a problem. this is an odd venue, oooold ass style theater, all seated, ushers that seat you n' shit.
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