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Originally Posted by Blackened12 View Post
All Nightmare Long
Hmmm, replace Ride the Lightning w/ All Nightmare Long....and Cyanide is still in there. Nothing against Cyanide but come on, RIDE THE LIGHTNING!!
Priorites James, priorites[/quote]

Since you're new here i'm not sure how aware of this you are but Metallica is known for rotating 6 or 7 songs every night. All Nightmare Long was in most of the sets for the last year or so. They just recently changed their set format a little on this current leg so it's not showing up as often but it still makes it in. RTL makes it in a decent ammount now actually.

If you wanna see what their sets have looked like you can always check the achieves on this page all the shows they've done this tour should be listed.
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