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Originally Posted by maidenpriest View Post

01. Punish and Enslave
02. Crimson Thunder
03. Renegade
06. Blood Bound
07. Life Is Now
08. Heeding The Call
09. Rebel Inside
10. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
12. Any Means Necessary
13. Stronger Than All
14. Riders Of The Storm
15. Secrets
16. Let The Hammer Fall
17. Hearts On Fire
It will be nice to see these songs, but I want to hear HammerFall, Stone Cold, and Keep the Flame Burning. It's nice to see they are playing 17 songs though. From what I remember of seeing Edguy in '08, they played like 12 songs and Tobi was just talking the whole time. I'm really surprised they are playing The Dragon Lies Bleeding. I remember Anders saying that was the hardest/most tiring song for him to play.
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